Building Plans Review, Permitting and Inspections

The City of Marianna has a contract with EPCI for Building Plans Review, Inspections and Permitting. 

For More Information Contact:
Jimmy Grant               Bo Creel          Scooter Hodges      
850-526-8367           850-819-5191        850-832-8021

Permitting Guide:
Category                                                             Packet
Residential (new, renovate, addition, accessory building)                       A
Commercial (new, renovate, addition, accessory building)                      B
Commercial (change of occupancy/use 
                    -- including change from residential)                                      B
Residential & Commercial Electrical Permit                                              C
Residential & Commercial Plumbing Permit                                              D
Residential & Commercial Mechanical Permit
                    (including A/C systems)                                                           E
Residential & Commercial Roofing Permit                                                 F
Residential & Commercial Modular Building                                             G
Residential & Commercial Sign Permit                                                       H
Residential Pool/Spa (new or repair/renovate)                                           I 
Mobile Home Set-up (new or used home)                                                   J
Residential Demolition                                                                                  A
Commercial Demolition                                                                                B
Residential (moved building installation)                                                   A
Commercial (moved building installation)                                                  B
Residential Security Alarm Installation                                                       A
Commercial Security Alarm Installation                                                      B
Commercial Fire Suppression                                                                      B
Residential Sprinkler System                                                                       A
Commercial Sprinkler System                                                                      B