Development Order and Permit Status

Incomplete Applications

 None at this time.

Applications under Review

 Development Order Applications

  • Yamoto (Kathy Sloan) - 4347 Lafayette Street. Commercial Minor Development Order (interior restaurant renovations) application received 1/11/2018 and sent to departments 1/11/2018.
  • Edward Cavanaugh - 4371 Pearl Street.  Minor Development Order Carport received January 19, 2018.  Under review.
  • Linda Conroy - 2793 Waddell Street - driveway connection application received 1/22/2018.

  None at this time.

Additional information is needed.

 Please contact the Municipal Development Department at 850- 482-2786.  

  • Joan Whitehurst (fence) -2603 Mashburn Road.  Application received 12/21/2017.  Applicant requested application be placed on hold until after the City Commission meeting in March where the fence ordinance will be addressed (12/21/2017).

   Please contact the City of Marianna Fire Department at 850-482-2414.

 None at this time.

   Please contact the City of Marianna Public Works Department at 850-482-4129.

 None at this time.

 Additional information is needed.  Please contact Mr. Grant, Building Official at 850-526-8367.

  • Elwin Fears (pole barn) – application received 11/16/2017.
  • RNRP Co., Inc.  –4420 Lafayette Street- Commercial permit approved 9/13.

On Planning and Zoning Board Agenda

 None at this time.

On City Commission Agenda

 None at this time.

Final Inspections

  None at this time. 

Finalizing Paperwork

 None at this time.

Please come in to sign development order and/or permit documents, and pay.

Please note that fees are associated with services rendered.  All permits and development orders have approval time periods.

 Development Orders

  • Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center – application received 9/22/2017; approved 9/26/2017.  Needs to be picked up and paid.
  • Chipola Apartments (SP CA Apartments, LLC) –application received 11/15/2017; approved 12/11/2017.  Paid and signed conditions on 12/28/2017.  Still need to pickup plans.
  • KFC sign – application received 5/31/2017; approved 6/13/2017.  Awaiting payment.
  • Dr. Sanchez

     - completed application received 12/20/2017.  Application approved 12/20/2017.  Needs to be picked up and paid.
  • Florida Scope, LLC (Jackson Square - Florida Showcase Realty) - New Addressing.  Application received 1/5/2018.  Application approved 1/8/2018.  Needs to be picked up and paid.


  • Jeff Rhyne – Electrical permit received 11/1/2017; approved 11/1/2017. Needs to be paid and picked up.
  • Elwin Fears – pole barn development order application received 11/16/2017; do application approved 11/22/2017; do conditions signed and paid 12/19/2017.  Building Permit application received 11/16/2017; pending Mr. Grant's approval.  
  • Jackson Square Shopping Center (Tindall Construction) – application received on 11/17/2017.  Updated permit 1/8/2018. Application approved 1/10/2018.  Needs to be paid and picked up.
  • First Baptist Church - S and S Electric.  2897 Green Street.  Electrical Permit application received and approved 1/11/2018.  Needs to be picked up and paid.
  • Richard Schreffler - 4261 Kelson Avenue.  Roofing permit received January 19, 2018.  Approved January 19. 2018.  Needs to be picked up and paid.
  • Kathy and Albert Milton (Andy Hall) 4338 Burton Street - Roofing permit received 18, 2018.  Approved January 18, 2018. Needs to be picked up and paid.
  • Moreland LLC - (Amanda Scurlock Burkett) - 2807 Wynn Street.  Mobile Home Installation permit received 1/19/2018.  Approved permit 1/19/2018.   Needs to be picked up and paid.