Code Enforcement

code enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division of the Municipal Development Department is responsible for enforcing City ordinances in an effort to promote and protect the public health, safety, and welfare of those individuals living, working, and doing business in the City of Marianna.   Effective code enforcement promotes stable neighborhoods and property values while enhancing community pride.  More


  1. Jesus Alvarado Hernandez- located at 4462 Clinton Street (Tax ID# 03-4N-10-0118-0000-0100); 
  2. A Plus Properties & Investments, LLC- located at 2840 Jefferson Street (Tax ID# 03-4N-10-0346-0000-0600);
  3. Greg Lollie- located at 4126 North Street (Tax ID# 32-5N-10-0082-0000-0010);
  4. Bismillah of Florida, LLC- located at 4189 Lafayette Street (Tax ID# 04-4N-10-0292-0000-0020);
  5. Pearl Street Land Trust -located at 4399 Pearl Street (Tax ID# 04-4N-10-0000-1210-0010);
  6. Redneck Riviera Packing Company, Inc. -located at 4463 Jackson Street (Tax ID# 03-4N-10-0346-0000-0830);
  7. Robert E. Hester Estate -located at 2986 Russ Street (Tax ID# 04-4N-10-0073-0000-0170);
  8. Joel E. Stadsklev & Tammy Ranae Kastner - located at 2783 Caledonia Street (Tax ID# 09-4N-10-0112-0010-0050); 
  9. Frank L. Gardner & Roxanne Gardner-Ellis - located at 4469 Butler Avenue (Tax ID# 34-5N-10-0361-0020-0050);
  10. David and Ruth Randlett – located at 4376 Lafayette Street (04-4N-10-0343-0000-0027); and
  11. David and Ruth Randlett – located at 4381 Clinton Street (04-4N-10-0343-0000-0023). 



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  • Renovations and roofing require building permits. New construction, additions, commercial renovations and signs require development orders and building permits. To learn more call (850) 482-2786. 
  • Have the proper containers for waste materials available when remodeling. You are responsible for the clean-up.
  • When removing a structure or doing any type of ground disturbing activity, call 811 for a utility line locate.