Natural Gas Division

Benefits of Natural Gas

Homes and businesses throughout Marianna love natural gas because of its lower cost and high efficiency.  But there are many other benefits and features that come into play when natural gas is used wherever and whenever possible.


  • Natural gas costs less to use than all other fossil fuels and electricity.
  • More than 99 out of 100 professional chefs prefer natural gas. The other guy makes sushi.
  • Natural gas dries clothes in roughly half the time, at half the cost, with fewer wrinkles than its electric counterpart.
  • Instant temperature control when cooking with natural gas range.
  • With a natural gas tank-less water heater, you can take a shower all day long. It heats water faster than you use it.
  • Natural gas tank water heaters refresh much faster and cost much less to use than electric.
  • More than 70% of the nation heats their homes with natural gas. The other 30% doesn’t have a pipeline nearby or hasn’t signed up yet.
  • For all of the above reasons, homes with natural gas, on average, have a 6% higher resale value than non-gas homes. (Source: NHBA – National Home Builders Association)


  • After a hurricane or storm, when the power goes out, people with natural gas water heaters and ranges can still take hot showers and cook meals until the power comes back.
  • Natural gas stand-by generators are also available, capable of powering an entire household, to sustain operation for all standard electric appliances as well.

Environmentally Friendly

  • The direct use of natural gas by homes and businesses dramatically reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. (Imagine if the entire world switched to natural gas and stopped using so much oil and coal.)
  • The more compressed natural gas (CNG) used for transportation, the less foreign oil needed to import.


  • Natural gas is America’s own natural resource - building independence from foreign oil.
  • In Florida, because of natural gas’ affordability and clean burning nature, 85% of the natural gas consumed in Florida is by power companies.
  • We have enough natural gas in the America’s to last for hundreds of years.