About Us

About the Department 

Marianna Fire & Rescue has been serving the City of Marianna since the early 1930s. In 1999, the Fire Department expanded its service level to include basic life support. We pride ourselves on providing high quality fire and medical services to our residents, businesses, and visitors. Our Fire Prevention Program and fire safety inspections place a priority on customer service.  We currently hold an ISO Fire Protection Classification of 4.  Our primary response area currently covers over 18 square miles, with additional areas covered under automatic and mutual aid agreements.  

Highly Trained Members

Constant vigilance and training are required to maintain proficient skills for prevention and suppression of fires, delivering emergency medical care, and educating members of community in health and safety issues. The Marianna Fire - Rescue Department consists of (7) Auxiliary Firefighters, (6) Firefighters, (6) Driver/Operators, (3) Captains, (1) Fire Marshal / Training Officer, (1) Fire Chief, (1) Administrative Assistant operating our of (2) stations. All 28 members of our department are highly trained and dedicated individuals with the ability to provide assistance in a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations. We are extremely proud that all of our firefighters are all Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's). Many of our personnel also hold multiple state certifications covering a multitude of specialized fire disciplines.

Fire Prevention / Training Officer
Our Fire Prevention / Training Officer provides a variety of services. We consult with developers and contractors with regard to code compliance for projects being built in the city. We are involved with the planning process, as well as conducting periodic inspections throughout the year to ensure continued code compliance and safety for our community. The Fire Prevention / Training Officer presents public education classes with assistance from the firefighters. In addition to these duties, our Fire Prevention / Training Officer conducts fire investigation within the city.