Preparing For Your Stay

  • What to Expect

Entering a nursing home and rehabilitation center or placing a loved one in a center can be a difficult decision. There are many things to consider. Our goal is to help you understand our admissions process and assist you in setting expectations for the stay.

Your physician has recommended a course of therapy to improve your ability to take care of yourself and perform your daily routine safely. Our program will be addressing your individual needs and will be designed with your input and direction from your physician. The duration of the program will be based on your progress and your physician’s determination that you are ready for discharge.

  • Personal Items

We encourage you to bring personal items from home as space allows. As with all personal belongings, these items should be labeled with your name. Any electrical product – such as lights, TVs, and radios – must be checked and approved for use by our Maintenance Department.

  • Your Comfort

Since most of our patients participate in rehabilitation activities, we recommend that you bring about a week’s worth of comfortable clothing and shoes that are suitable for rehabilitation activities. Some people change clothing throughout the day, so you should plan for this as well.


Clothing itemsWomen


Clothing itemsMen

Dresses  or Slacks  and Blouses

Slacks  and Shirts




Undershirts and Shorts


Comfortable Shoes


Comfortable Shoes


Slippers (Non-skid)


Slippers (Non-skid)


Socks or Hose




Pajamas or Gown  and Robe


Pajamas and Robe






  • Complimentary Services


Laundry Services:  As part of our complimentary services we offer laundry services. All clothing items should be marked with indelible ink with your first initial and last name. Marianna Health and Rehab will print labels and iron the labels onto your clothing items as requested. If you prefer that your family does your laundry, we still recommend the clothing items be marked.

Internet Access:  Wi-Fi is available in your rooms. A facility I-pad may be used to speak with your loved ones during your stay.  Marianna Health and Rehab Center also has desktop computers to use during your stay.

Cable Television Services: Marianna Health & Rehab Center provides a television with cable television services in each resident room.

  • The Admissions Process

Our Admissions Team will meet with you or your caregiver prior to or during the admissions process to gather important information. It is imperative that we obtain several important documents from you to help us develop your clinical plan and to ensure proper billing.

Please provide the following prior to or during the admissions process:

  •     Medicare card
  •     Medicaid card
  •     Managed Care or Private Insurance card
  •     Social Security card
  •     Medicare Part D card (Drug Benefit)
  •     Advance Directives (Living Will, Health Care Surrogate, if applicable)
  •     Power of Attorney Documents (Financial, Medical, or Personal, as applicable)
  •     Long Term Care or Supplemental Insurance Policie
  •    Name of person to be contacted with change in condition/financial status
  •     Other                                                                                                                                        

Our admissions personnel will review all state and federally required documents and provide you with a copy. They will also explain programs and services provided in our nursing and rehabilitation center and answer any questions.

You may also meet with a member of our business office to review any financial matters and ask questions.