Rehabilitation Services

Independence.  The ultimate goal of rehabilitation therapy is for our patients to regain their independence and return to their own home.  While much of our therapy process is contained in our best-in-class rehabilitation gym, it alone cannot quite prepare patients for the challenges of everyday home life.  That's why we designed the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Lab.  The ADL Lab simulates a home envionment and features a full kitchen, bed, bathroom, washer and dryer. Our team of occupational therapists works with patients in this home setting to help them fully develop the skills to resume their independent life at home.

Physical Therapy Treatment May Include:

  • Increased muscle strength and gait training
  • Increased balance and motor control
  • Contracture management
  • Prosthetic training

Occupational Therapy Treatment May Include:

  • Functional gains with activities of daily living (grooming, dressing, feeding, etc.)
  • Wheelchair positioning
  • Splinting

Speech Therapy Treatment May Include:

  • Improving speech production
  • Increasing comprehension and expression
  • Assessing and treating swallowing difficulties