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Recognizing a gas leak

Natural gas is flammable – and if released and contacted by a source of ignition – natural gas can ignite. That’s why using your sense of sight, sound and smell are imperative for recognizing a suspected leak. Here’s what you should look for:

  • SIGHT: Near a gas leak, you might see bubbling water, distinct patches of dead vegetation, or blowing dirt. Flames may also appear if the leak is ignited.
  • SOUND: A hissing or roaring noise may indicate a leaking pipeline.
  • SMELL: Natural gas is odorized with Mercaptan – which smells like rotten eggs – in order to help you detect a leak. If you notice a rotten egg odor, it’s important to report the smell of natural gas immediately.

Responding to a gas leak

While it’s important to report the smell of natural gas immediately, you should only do so once you’re in a safe location. Here’s what you SHOULD DO – and SHOULD NOT DO – if a leak occurs.

  • Leave the home or building immediately, and get to a safe area
  • From a safe area, call 911 and the City of Marianna at (850) 482-4129 or after hours call the Marianna Police Department at (850) 526-3125
  • Warn others to get to a safe area
  • DO NOT try to stop, locate or make contact with the leak
  • DO NOT use your phone or cell phone at the location
  • DO NOT send a text
  • DO NOT start any vehicles
  • DO NOT light a match or turn light switches on or off
  • DO NOT switch on or off anything electrical or do anything to create a spark
  • DO NOT attempt to extinguish any fire or operate any valves

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