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    1. Become a Member
      It takes all of us to make our historic downtown prosper and grow.

      Main Street Marianna wants to invite you to become a part of the renaissance of our historic downtown area. Over the past 18 years, we have worked to repair streets and sidewalks, upgrade storefronts, add street-lighting and landscaping, purchase and install the four-sided clock, development of Madison Park, and sponsor downtown events.

      Yet there is still so much to be done. We need you to be involved in our continued planning for the area. Become a member and support Main Street financially. We rely on the participation and the voluntary annual dues from our members to accomplish our goals and complete our projects.

      Your membership dues are an investment in the future of Historic Downtown Marianna, helping us to sponsor improvements and events throughout the year. As a member of Main Street, you are automatically aligned with others who want to preserve the past and influence the future of Marianna, Florida.
    2. Why Main Street Marianna
      • Downtown Marianna is an important employment center
      • The area is a reflection of the community image.
      • Locally owned businesses keeps their profit in town and support other local businesses and community projects.
      • A vibrant downtown creates a feeling of "hometown pride" and sense of place.
      • The downtown district is a public gathering area where parades, special events, and celebrations are held in a unique setting.
      • Community character and historic integrity cannot be recreated.